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Closed, NiTi Coils and Ends Ground & not Ground

Wire windings are wire components manufactured by winding the wire around a mandrel or arbor to produce the final product. This process offers some advantages over deflection coiling by driving the wire into tooling that deflects the wire into the desired coil diameters. Winding can provide tighter OD/ID tolerances while deflection coiling offers greater variation in design.

Motion Dynamics also recognizes that lead time and design options are critical factors during product development.  To accommodate this, we have set up the Rapid Catheter/Endoscopic Coil program that is designed to meet your development needs in the shortest possible time frame.  Complete the "Rapid Catheter/Endoscopic Coil Program" form and email it to us through the "Contact Us" link.  We will review your request and provide pricing and lead time for your request.  We will do our best to meet your requested delivery date.  We can also be reached at 231-865-7400 for direct service.