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Capabilities > Passivation, Cleaning and Handling

Passivation, Cleaning, Etching, Oxide Removal, Special Handling 

Ultrasonic Cleaning to ASTM Standards, Deionized Water Rinses, IPA Rinses, Lint Free Handling and Special Packaging

After manufacturing your product we can clean, passivate and handle your parts any way you require.  We passivate alloys per ASTM standards unless another standard is defined.  Parts are typically degreased then ultrasonically cleaned, rinsing in deionized water.  Special solvent rinses and handling of product is available including selective oxide layer removal and etching. Protective packaging is standard yet we can package to special specifications as well.

Definition:(passivation) Immersion of metals and alloys in a solution of acid, or of acid plus oxidizing salts, which restores the original corrosion resistant surface by forming a thin transparent oxide film. The treatment also dissolves any embedded or smeared iron picked up on the surface during processing.